The TechEdSat-3p project is a technology demonstration mission led by Principle Investigator Marcus Murbach of NASA Ames Research Center. TechEdSat-3p is a 3U CubeSat built by students from The San Jose State University and The University of Idaho in partnership with NASA Ames Research Center. TechEdSat-3p will be deployed from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) Japenese Experiment Module (JEM) Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (J-SSOD). TechEdSat-3p was launched on August 3, 2013 aboard HTV-4 from the Yoshinobu Launch Complex in Tanegashima, Japan. It is the first 3U CubeSat deployed from the ISS and will demonstrate two new technologies. The first is a passive deorbiting system that uses a uniquely designed drag device (Exo-Brake) to perform a rapid de-orbit and re-entry. The second will demonstrate the use of an Iridium modem combined with a GPS receiver to communicate accurate positional and de-orbit information. Eventually, these will be combined to provide controlled sample return capability from the ISS or other orbiting platforms.